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Stop Internet Censorship!

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

If there was any doubt that big business controls the government, there shouldn’t be any after 2 bills – SOPA and PIPA are about to pass in US Congress and the Senate. These 2 bills are so obviously drafted by big media companies in order to protect their copyrighted content in an attempt to eradicate online piracy. The huge problem is that, if they pass this bill – it will cripple the internet as sites can be taken down without any due process. And online piracy, the very thing that the media companies are trying to eliminate will probably not be affected at all. File sharing as history has it . . . has morphed and adapted to whatever hurdles may come its way . . . short of cutting all telecommunications methods, these 2 bills will NOT stop piracy. The very people who drafted these bills obviously do not understand how the Internet works – or are desperate enough to try everything they can just to protect their own interests.

Below is a video from TED explaining further how this is going to affect you as an internet user.  And further below are a few sites opposed to the bills and are participating in the blackout today!