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Internet events in 60 seconds?

Monday, July 25th, 2011

Have you ever wondered what happens on the internet every 60 seconds? Here is an interesting infographic released by Go Global which will give you a pretty good idea . . .

click to download infographic

Acer Aspire One blank screen

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

[UPDATE]: Today, my Acer blanked out again – it now seems that this happens yearly on the dot. On the 21st of July. Does somebody else have this recurring problem?

Today, I booted up my Acer Aspire One netbook to find out it was dead . . . just a black screen and no HD (hard drive) activity – I can only hear the fan and the power LED is on but that’s it . . . this has happened once before and back then, I thought it was dead – I almost threw it out – Luckily, I googled the problem and found out that it merely needed a BIOS flash . . . so this time around, I knew what to do – it’s just odd how random this could be or perhaps not so . . . if I remember correctly, this happened sometime during the summer two years ago at approximately the same date-range (I remember because I was on vacation in LA at the time). I wonder if the BIOS simply flashes itself or crashes after a period of time – could it be intentional? or could it be just that – a major glitch.

Only Acer would know and apparently, a lot of people have complained about this happening so it’s not only me . . . I wonder how many people have thrown out their netbooks because of this.

Well, I’m posting here the instructions on how to flash your BIOS – partly also to document it myself so I have it handy the next time it happens.

– Format a usb flash drive to FAT (not FAT32).
– Unzip this file and copy it to the flash drive.
– Press fn+esc and then the power button (Power LED will flash), release.
– Press power button once.
– BIOS will flash using the bios file on the usb drive . . . wait for it to reboot.

That’s it . . . hope that works out for ya.

Stats on mobile email and email clients . . .

Thursday, July 14th, 2011

I have been very involved in creating HTML email campaigns as of late and very interested in optimizing for the most popular email clients . . . one thing I noticed is that mobile email is on the rise as more and more people use their mobile devices (smartphones) to check email.

Campaign Monitor has a very good blog that keeps me up to date with statistics on how/where people read their email.

Read about the prolific rise of mobile email –

Get the updated stats on Email client popularity for 2011 –