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2020 Update

Monday, December 14th, 2020

It’s almost the end of the year (2020) and just noticed that I haven’t posted anything in a long while. We are in the middle of a pandemic and have been working from home since March. I have gotten used to this new routine and can’t imagine going back to the office… A couple of things I realized about myself during this time:

  • Am really a homebody. I no longer enjoy going out (without an agenda) which I used to do every weekend with my family.
  • I relearned playing the guitar and found out that you lose it if you haven’t played in a while… I find that even missing a few days of practice messes up my timing. However, since I have played during my younger days, I have gotten back to my previous skill level in just a few weeks.
  • I have started doing projects around the house (fixing plumbing, shampooing the carpets, cleaning out the dryer vent) and we even painted the main living area/bedrooms/bathrooms.
  • I’m inclined to tinker. Right now, am obsessed with the car. Added roof crossbars, changing out bulbs to LED, and will be probably be making more improvements.
  • Am probably in the minority who will look back at this year and think of it fondly mainly because I was so productive this year, and in all aspects too (home, work, physical health, mental health, spiritually, creatively).

Some of the new tech that I have recently purchased relate to smart home tech. I got new locks, security cameras, garage door, lights, plugs etc. I have also effectively ended my Samsung boycott as I got a Samsung smartwarch, and their wireless earbuds. Am still wary of getting their home appliances though… I think their personal tech (phones, watches, tablets) is way better than their other departments.