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jpg bug in Internet Explorer

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

I’m oftentimes reminded how quirky Internet Explorer really is – just this morning, I came to work and in my email inbox – a co-worker reported missing images on the website I was working on. I quickly fired up my browser (not IE) and took a look-see . . . well, they are there. So I replied to the email requesting a refresh hit, thinking to myself that is often the case when I’m dealing with a client who isn’t particularly tech-savvy . . . but then, I remembered quite a while back in the days of IE6 when images just would not appear because they were encoded in CMYK – clearly, they should’ve fixed that thing by now right?? I fired up IE and took a look . . . and what I saw was another reminder why Internet Explorer is the world’s worst browser – please explain to me again why they have the largest market share??!

If you encounter this problem, go to Photoshop and open up the jpg in question. And then, hit Save for web . . . and that should fix it. All this extra work is making me hungry . . .