I bought the iPhone X but I really hated it

From Animojis to FaceID to its enormous sticker price, I hate everything about Apple’s new flagship phone, the iPhone X … why did I purchase it? Well, in my defense, it was for my wife as she is a dedicated iPhone user. I hated how there is no headphone jack and while it does support wireless charging, why wasn’t the wireless charging pad included at this price?! It is also rated as waterproof up to 3 m but water damage isn’t included in its warranty which is odd. One other thing that bugs me is that the calculator bug still hasn’t been fixed (try inputting 1+2+3 quickly on the calculator, it will be 23 – Apple math no doubt!). I hate iTunes as well, there are so many bugs on that piece of software that I want to light it on fire.

So here’s why I bought it – my wife was using an iPhone 6 and she’s been complaining about it for a while now. She initially wanted an iPhone 8 Plus and I feel like adding another $200 to get the iPhone X was more worth it hoping that this will last her at least 3 years of use. Her iPhone has been serving as our family’s official camera so this alone was probably worth the upgrade, for all its faults, I can’t complain about the camera – the photos, especially in portrait mode looks awesome.

So there it is, in a nutshell why I bought the iPhone X. But don’t you dare do the same … go spend your money on a Pixel 2, an Essential Phone or the HTC U11.

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