Book Review: Rework

Every now and then, I’m going to start reviewing books that I’ve read recently. Just a few days ago, I started reading “Rework” by Jason Fried & David Hansson – both are founders of 37signals – a profitable web applications provider (makers of Basecamp, Backpack, etc.).

There are a couple of good ideas here for small business owners, entrepreneurs, managers and any business-minded individual. The main idea is more common sense than anything . . . Don’t hire if you don’t need to. Don’t put out a half-assed product – it’s better to put out half a product that kicks ass (pardon the french). Keep everything simple – more features doesn’t translate to a better product. Don’t use jargon – be conversational in your marketing materials. Don’t pretend to be a big company – Be honest. It amazes me how a lot of these concepts we already know in the back of our minds but ignore because we think that imitating what the “other guys” are doing must be the right thing to do.

My favorite idea in the book – is the “Pick a fight” idea . . . if you are in business and you feel that some of your competitors are wrong – say so! pick a side . . . and stand your ground. While some people may not agree with you – the people who do, will stand behind you and they will do so passionately because it shows them you believe in something.

There is a short summary here.

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