Book Review: Endgame: Bobby Fischer’s Remarkable Rise and Fall



I have just recently finished reading this book about Bobby Fischer – 1972 World Chess Champion. He is indeed a remarkable character, read his Wikipedia entry and you will get a glimpse. That is exactly what he wanted the world to get, only a glimpse since he is an intensely private person. Right after he won the World Championship in 1972, he fell off the radar and completely removed himself from chess as well as from the public eye.

He calls himself a genius and was deeply involved in the Worldwide Church of God until 1972, he was also Jewish but he denounced both the church and all Jews. Frequently making harsh remarks against all Jews (anti-Semitic) and religion as a whole. He hates journalists of all kinds and refuses to be photographed even with close friends.

Overall, I enjoyed reading the book – it is fascinating how a person can be so sensible and sharp when in front of a chessboard and yet be so anti-social and seem so neurotic apart from it. Bobby Fischer, while he was probably the best chess player who ever lived was not nearly half as good as a human being.

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